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It's always the same -- no sooner do I post a round of links than I find new ones to add. Here we go:

Coverage on Pam's House Blend and The Advocate of how 43 California Legislators have filed a friend-of-court brief in the case to overturn Prop. 8 on constitutional grounds. They're in favor of constitutional changes of this magnitude going through them, not just directly to the people.

Shame On LDS is a site from "ex-Mormons, Reform Mormons, members of the LDS Church itself, and non-Mormons" who are opposed to Prop. 8 and want to apologize to California's GLB community for the LDS Church's behavior in this. Thank you, friends.

News story about vandalism of Mormon churches. While I do not support the destruction of others' property, as it is both legally and morally wrong and makes us look bad, I got a certain level of twisted amusement out of the quote from a Mormon about her church being vandalized:

"Seeing my church where I come every Sunday... it kind of just hurt in a way. I feel badly for those people that have such anger within them that they would do something like this... I just hope that people’s hearts will be softened, that they will realize the Gospel... teaches us to love one another and not do things like this."

Hey, Pot? Meet Kettle. I think you two have something in common.

Finally, a couple from Orange County is skipping the state level and going to the federal court system to challenge Prop. 8. (WARNING: do not read the comments, you will hurt yourself.) I am very wary of taking gay rights to the current US Supreme Court, so I don't think it's a good idea, but we'll have to see.

I'd like to remind you all that Join The Impact (now on a faster, better server!) is still organizing, around the country, protests for this Saturday, November 15th.

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