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Tomorrow, 10:30 AM PST.

Join The Impact is, not surprisingly, planning more actions. Check out their ideas.

This is pretty awesome. I have to say I love those Mormons, whether they're acting for themselves or for their friends or just because they know it's right.

An interesting side-note about that latter link: during the campaign, my father got a call from someone claiming to be doing a poll about Prop. 8, wanting to know how he felt about, and I quote, "the fact that gay marriage will be taught in schools." My father, annoyed at the biased way the question was formed, questioned the neutrality of the poll, but the pollster denied supporting one side or the other. The organization he said was conducting the poll? "Lawrence Research." Now we're hearing about the son of "Gary Lawrence, 67, who is the 'State LDS Grassroots Director' for the state of California. [...] the President of Lawrence Research." I'm going to go ahead and say it: the Yes On 8 side lied. In other news, the Pope is still believed to be Catholic.

I can't help wondering. Shouldn't having to lie to advocate your cause be a pretty good indicator that you're on the wrong side?

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